Normal Mode Analysis of the Clathrin Cage and other Semi-Rigid Systems

Full Thesis: Normal Mode Analysis of the Clathrin Cage and other Semi-Rigid Systems
The associated Mathematica notebooks can be found here.

Abstract: Simple geometric objects are treated as if the vertices are little masses, and the edges are springs. After performing a normal mode analysis, you can find (and visualize), the basic units of motion that compose all possible vibrations. This technique was applied to the neurotransmitter Clathrin in an effort to gain insight into its role in vesicle formation.


Visual Effects Artist Roundtable Notes

Here are all of my notes from the last 3 years of the Visual Effects Artist Roundtable sessions at GDC 2014. Each year I moderate these and they’re incredibly awesome.  If you haven’t been try and join us next year!

And don’t forget to join us for awesome VFX conversations all year round at facebook.com/groups/realtimevfx



My Alien Buddy

My Alien Buddy was a collaboration between Double Fine and Japan Studio (Sony) for the game Playroom (included with every PS4!).  We wanted to apply our experience with Kinect to the Playstation 4′s camera and new Dual Shock controller.  Although the schedule was tight (5 months!) we rapidly prototyped ideas in Unity and we’re able to build an awesome experience that showcases the hardware and was fun to pick up and play. On this project I was Project Lead, and was also responsible for visual effects, production, lighting, gameplay programming and design.



Autonomous was the product of the 2012 “Amnesia Fortnight” game jam at Double Fine.  Led by Lee Petty, the first person procedural robot simulation battle game ended up being ported for Leap Motion as well.  I did technical art, visual effects, and lighting on the project.