Little Pink Best Buds

Little Pink Best Buds was created by a team at Double Fine under the leadership of Pendleton Ward for Amnesia Fortnight 2014.  This extremely ambitious game allowed players to communicate with the pink buds by typing dialog into a chat system.  Beyond that, I won’t even try and describe it.  My major contributions were technical art, visual effects and lighting.  Although the procedural, ray marched grass shader is what I’m most proud of.


Kinect V2 | Oculus | Point Cloud Interactions and Energy Discs

A recent experiment combining point cloud and skeletal data from the Kinect 2 with Oculus. I’m convinced the representation of the user’s body in VR space is critical to creating a feeling of presence. Even raw data like what you see here is enough to make a huge difference. My mind is exploding with all the possibilities!


Visual Effects Artist Roundtable Notes

Here are all of my notes from the last 3 years of the Visual Effects Artist Roundtable sessions at GDC 2014. Each year I moderate these and they’re incredibly awesome.  If you haven’t been try and join us next year!

And don’t forget to join us for awesome VFX conversations all year round at facebook.com/groups/realtimevfx



My Alien Buddy

My Alien Buddy was a collaboration between Double Fine and Japan Studio (Sony) for the game Playroom (included with every PS4!).  We wanted to apply our experience with Kinect to the Playstation 4′s camera and new Dual Shock controller.  Although the schedule was tight (5 months!) we rapidly prototyped ideas in Unity and we’re able to build an awesome experience that showcases the hardware and was fun to pick up and play. On this project I was Project Lead, and was also responsible for visual effects, production, lighting, gameplay programming and design.



Autonomous was the product of the 2012 “Amnesia Fortnight” game jam at Double Fine.  Led by Lee Petty, the first person procedural robot simulation battle game ended up being ported for Leap Motion as well.  I did technical art, visual effects, and lighting on the project.